AdventCount Changelog

Version 1.0.10 (20.12.2019)

  • fixed minor bugs
  • the tab “Winner” now shows all saved winners.
  • fixed license validation message: license validation display now works correctly (If the message “Key not valid” appears, simply confirm the key again in the menu item “License”).

Version 1.0.9 (17.12.2019)

  • new feature: our live editor is here. Now you can easily determine the position of your doors in the frontend. The doors can also be scaled separately. So different door sizes are no longer a problem.
  • new feature: you can now make a note appear when you click on a door that is already closed or not yet open.
  • new feature: it is now possible to decide individually for each door whether or not to request data. You can also select the fields to be queried. However, the fields must first still be set in the tab “Data Query”.
  • new feature: the tab “Participants” now shows whether the participant gave a correct answer or not.
  • fixed minor bugs

Version 1.0.8 (04.12.2019)

  • fixed winner drawing: only participants with correct answers can now be selected.
  • fixed .csv export: all participants will now be exported to the .csv file.
  • fixed single mobile door: if you select “Display only one door”, only the current door is now displayed.
  • new feature: for each door it is now possible to select individually which fields are to be queried during the data query for this door. As before, the fields must be set in the “Data query” tab.

Version 1.0.7 (29.11.2019)

  • new feature: individual confirmation page can now be specified
  • fixed time settings, local time is now used instead of universal time
  • fixed RSS feed in plugin dashboard
  • updated German translations
  • updated placeholders

Version 1.0.6 (25.11.2019)

  • fixed translation-problems

Version 1.0.5 (23.11.2019)

  • fixed “Video”: Videos can now be displayed
  • fixed theme support
  • fixed door problems
  • fixed some other minor bugs

Version 1.0.4 (22.11.2019)

  • fixed “Display mobile”-Toggle: all doors are displayed when the option is selected.
  • fixed “Question field only”-Bug: the correct popup is displayed in the calendar.
  • fixed “Door order”: the doors remain in the selected order after saving.
  • fixed some other minor bugs

Version 1.0.3 (18.11.2019)

  • fixed minor bugs

Version 1.0.2 (14.11.2019)

  • fixed minor bugs

Version 1.0.1 (12.11.2019)

  • fixed minor bugs
  • added German translation

Version 1.0.0 (09.11.2019)

  • Initial release
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